Luxurious, Functional Homes Designed for the Sunshine Coast lifestyle

At Buildmast Constructions, we uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, ensuring that every home we build is not only aesthetically designed  but also functional. 

We understand that a luxury home goes beyond high-end materials and finishes. It's about creating a space that reflects your aspirations and seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings. This philosophy is intricately woven into every phase of our design and construction process.

Our method, refined over eight years, encompasses building design, planning, approvals, interior design, and construction, all efficiently coordinated under one roof. This comprehensive and structured approach is what enables us to consistently deliver exceptional homes to our clients.

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Jeremy was born and raised in the Sunshine Coast's hinterland. Starting his career in the building industry, Jeremy became a qualified carpenter in 2008, working throughout Southeast Queensland. His early experience in carpentry was based on a mix of new homes and renovations. This combination has helped shape his passion for building new homes while taking on more complex projects, thanks to his renovations background.

In 2015 Jeremy started Buildmast Constructions, which has become a leading company in unique residential construction on the Sunshine Coast. Buildmast was born of Jeremy's desire to be able to take on jobs that require intricate detail, hand select respected trades & suppliers & the opportunity to build a relationship of trust and respect with clients.

The care and detail put into every aspect of his business and construction of Buildmast homes are reflected in the fantastic feedback, repeat and referral business that Buildmast has received since 2015. Growing from word of mouth, Jeremy has expanded the team substantially in the past eight years and has made Buildmast a trusted name in custom construction on the Sunshine Coast.

Design Team

Exceptional design is at the heart of every project. We collaborate with a skilled network of partners, bringing together expertise in design, planning, and construction.

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Interior design

When building your new home, capturing your unique style is imperative to the overall feel and aesthetic. Achieving your vision can be overwhelming when you are left to your own devices. This is where the Interior Design Service comes in. We have engaged one of the Sunshine Coast's leading Interior Designers to guide you; meet Kasey from Creative Co

Kasey & Josh founded Creative Co as a cabinet making and interior design service on the Sunshine Coast. Kasey will work with you to ensure that your vision for your home is achieved through the careful selection of materials, fixtures & colour palettes. Kasey will do more than sit with you and discuss selections; she actively engages with you and suppliers, working together to create an understanding of your style clear amongst all parties. For your interior consultation you will visit the Creative Co showroom in Warana.

The Creative Co team are also our leading cabinet makers for each of our projects, so their understanding and knowledge of products goes well beyond making selections to also using and installing products.

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With an array of architecture and drafting firms on the Sunshine Coast, what qualifies a Building Designer to be trusted with Buildmast clients' plans? Quality, detail, vision and professionalism are pillars of our company and are mirrored through our hand selected team of Building Designers.

Not only do our Building Designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience, they also have a keen eye for detail & opportunity. While you may know what you want from your home, our Building Designers will delve deeper. Discussing your plans in-depth, they can further envision how you might live in your home, how you will grow and how to make the most out of every square meter.

The design team will work closely with you and Jeremy to ensure that your home is designed for your block, surroundings, lifestyle and budget.


Buildmast selects our suppliers based on the quality of their products, workmanship, and customer service. Over the years, we have developed an excellent working relationship with our suppliers based on a foundation of honesty, trust and transparency. All of our suppliers offer an array of selection for Buildmast customers while keeping on top of the latest in trends, technologies & styles.